Turtles About Town is a city wide project in Galveston, Texas. The project has been put in place to help raise awareness about the Kemps Ridley sea turtle while helping drive tourism and business to the local economy. Clay Cup Studios, Galveston's local interactive art studio, has partnered with Turtle Island Restoration. TIRN is a leading advocate for the world’s oceans and marine wildlife.


How the project works

Sponsors in the community will sponsor a turtle statue. Local artists then work with the sponsor or business to come up with a theme for their turtle. The turtles will then be installed at the desired location to help drive business and traffic. We will also have a smaller traveling turtle. Ridley our traveling turtle will be painted each year with a new theme. He will then get to travel to participating businesses. Locals and Island Visitors will be on the look out for Ridley each year to snap their picture with him. Think where's Waldo. Then at the end of the year Ridley will be auctioned off to help raise money for Turtle Island Restoration. 

Benefits of TAT

* Brings awareness about the Kemps Ridley sea turtle and the non profit TIRN

* Helps drive business in the local economy

* Creates a family friendly activity driving tourism

* Recognizes local artists, giving them exposer for future projects

* Brings educational resources with lesson plans for local schools

* Adorns Galveston with fun and beautiful art, adding to the charm of our little island

How can I get involved?

Simply email or you can call Clay Cup Studios at 409-762-2529.

Coming Soon...

* Map of Turtles with information about the sponsor, artists and community

* Links to the sponsors & artists

* Photos of the 2018 Turtles