Turtles About Town is a city wide project in Galveston, Texas. The project has been put in place to help raise awareness about the Kemps Ridley sea turtle while helping drive tourism and business to the local economy. Clay Cup Studios, Galveston's local interactive art studio, has partnered with Turtle Island Restoration. TIRN is a leading advocate for the world’s oceans and marine wildlife.


How the project works

Sponsors in the community will sponsor a turtle statue. Local artists then work with the sponsor or business to come up with a theme for their turtle. The turtles will then be installed at the desired location to help drive business and traffic. We will also have a smaller traveling turtle. Ridley our traveling turtle will be painted each year with a new theme. He will then get to travel to participating businesses. Locals and Island Visitors will be on the look out for Ridley each year to snap their picture with him. Think where's Waldo. Then at the end of the year Ridley will be auctioned off to help raise money for Turtle Island Restoration. 

Benefits of TAT

* Brings awareness about the Kemps Ridley sea turtle and the non profit TIRN

* Helps drive business in the local economy

* Creates a family friendly activity driving tourism

* Recognizes local artists, giving them exposer for future projects

* Brings educational resources with lesson plans for local schools

* Adorns Galveston with fun and beautiful art, adding to the charm of our little island

How can I get involved?

Simply email or you can call Clay Cup Studios at 409-762-2529.

Locations and Info on the 2018 Turtles :)

  1. City Hall : The Protector : 823 25th St

    Sponsor : Robert Lynch Family Fund, Dominick and Barbra Sasser, Peaches and Shrub Kempner

    Artist : Gabriel Prusmack

  2. Asset Recovery Management : La Calavera : 2728 Market St

    Sponsor : Asset Recovery Management Services , Tim & Stephanie Southwell

    Artist : Mary Ruth Brown

  3. Hey Mikey’s Ice Cream : 2120 Postoffice St.

    Sponsor : Hey Mikey’s, Mike & Kathy Bouvier

    Artist : Shay McAnally

  4. Oppe Elementary : Coral : 2915 81st St

    Sponsor : Oppe PTO , Abel Longoria & Family

    Artist : Gabriel Prusmack

  5. Crockett Baseball Park : The Nolan No Hitter : 53rd & Ave S

    Sponsor : Better Parks of Galveston

    Artist : Shaifer Golan

  6. Seawolf Park : Zeke : 100 Seawolf Park Blvd

    Sponsor : Galveston Naval Muesum

    Artist : Brian Mahaney

  7. Strand Brass & Surf Styles : Flora : 2115 Strand

    Sponsor : Sarah Moore Click & Ginger Halter

    Artist : Kathryn Zimmerman

  8. Kempner Park : Alice : 2704 Avenue O

    Sponsor : Alice Taylor Gray Foundation

    Artist : Derek Anderson

  9. Sand & Sea Pirates Beach : 13706 FM3005

    Sponsor : Sand & Sea Properties, Anne Reiswerg

    Artist : Ellie Peters

  10. A&M Galveston : Spirit of the Sea Aggieland : 200 Seawolf Park Blvd

    Sponsor : Department of Liberal Studies, Texas A&M University Galveston

    Artist : Nicholas Dominique

  11. Campeche Cove Animal Clinic : Cam : 10015 Stewert Rd.

    Sponsor : Dr. Jacki Cole

    Artist : Jane Young French

  12. Therapeutic Health Works Day Spa : Tiger Lily : 2114 Sealy

    Sponsor : Therapeutic Health Works Day Spa

    Artist : Isabella Carlin Alvarado

  13. UTMB : Dr. Tommie Tortuga : 301 8th St

    Sponsor : UTMB , Lori Blackwell

    Artist : Sabrina Stachowski

  14. Art League Gallery : Sargasso Susan : 2117 Postoffice St.

    Sponsor : Galveston Art League, Patricia Jakobi

    Artist : Leroy Leflore

  15. Sugar Bean Coffee & Cream : Latte : 11 Evia Main

    Sponsor : Sugar Bean, Jocelyn Sullivan

    Artist : Shawne Helm Moore

  16. Bryan Museum : 1315 21st

    Sponsor : Bryan Museum, Joan Marshall

    Artist : Ray Cosgrove

  17. Moody Gardens : Queen of the Sea : 1 Hope Blvd

    Sponsor : Moody Gardens

    Artist : Lenexa Morais

  18. Ronald McDonald House : Siren’s Tide : 301 14th St

    Sponsor : Harbor House Hotel and Marina, Steve Cunningham

    Artist : Mary Ruth Brown

  19. Clay Cup Studios : Mertle : 2219 Postoffice St

    Sponsor : Tom’s Galveston Realestate, Tom Schwenk/H.E.A.R.T./Piney Woods Wildlife Society

    Artist : Tracy Van Horn Reed