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Black Light Jelly Fish Canvas Painting


Black Light Night is Back!!! Its time to get out your neon :) Plunged into darkness and illuminated by black light this night is a unique twist on paint & sip. Night includes step by step written instructions for your jelly fish design, instructor to help with design, all paint & supplies. Because of the darkness this is not a typical step by step with instructor taking you through the steps. However you will have the instructions so that you can go at your own pace. Amy will be there to help demonstrate and guide you through your painting. If you choose to not follow the design of the night… that's ok too. Feel free to get your paint on and get inspired with the neon glow and free paint. The paints we will be using are wild fire paints they are often used on movies sets like Avatar. Make sure to wear neon’s the night of so you can be apart of the illumination going on in the studio. This is an adult only class. Sorry no kiddos this time. For questions call the studio at 409-762-2529 or email us at

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black light.jpg