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I grew up with amazing artists. It seems that all of my family in one way or another is an artist. The amazing thing is they all have a different voice, a different brushstroke. Don't you think that is true of all artist? Well Galveston Island is FULL of amazing artists. Which is why it is my goal and an honor to be able to host and offer workshops from the local artists on the island.

Throughout the year we will have workshops consisted of various types of art by different artist in the city. Painting, Clay, Cartooning, Woodworking and so much more.

Keep an eye out on the events page and Facebook ... Every artist has their own brushstroke. You will learn a great deal from each of them and have a bunch of fun while doing it.


At Clay Cup Studios it is our mission to make sure that your child gains three things from our camp... knowledge , friendships and a whole lot of FUN! We host Weekly and Dailey Camps through out the year. Please look below for our Camp Schedule. Know that we will add to the Camp Schedule through out the year , so keep an eye out for new days :-) 

Summer Art Camps !!!
from 15.00

Summer camp at Clay Cup Studios is always a little messy and a lot of fun. This year we have 3 day camps, 1 day camps and a Mud Club camp. 

3 Day Camps are from 9am to 3pm Tuesday-Thursday - $150

We will have snack and drinks, but please pack a lunch or you can get a lunch kit from Old Moon Pie and Deli for $18. This will include a sandwich and sides for all three days. 

June 19th-21st - Animal Planet - Animal Themed Mixed Media                         July 10th-12th - Tile Me About It - Making Mosaic Tables                                  August 7th-9th - Under The Sea - Mermaids and Shark Themed

1 Day Camps are from 10am to 12:30 - $30

Friday July 6th - Pamper Yourself - Make perfume, soaps and lip balms         Friday July 20th - Desserts - Yummy treat themed art                                     Friday August 3rd - Emoji's - Do I need say more lol ;)

Mud Club is a 2 part camp - $50

First Day is for building and second for painting. We have both am and pm for this mini camp. AM camp is from 10-12 and afternoon camp is from 6-8.

Please make sure to select correct date. The amount prepaid is your RSVP fee and will be applied the 1st day of camp when you pay the remaining balance. If you have any questions, give us a shout at or 409-762-2529 :)

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PTO is important to both the school and the students. Being involved in both PTO's for my children, I understand that is can be difficult sometimes to get parent involvement and raise funds. At Clay Cup Studios we have a PTO program that will require minimal parent involvement and will raise 20% for your schools PTO

We hold teacher workshops that are relaxing and fun for the teacher plus it gives a kickback to the PTO... How awesome is that?  

History, Texture and Emotion...three things that upfront have nothing to do with one another but are all lessons. Learn about historical artists and the statements they made by using textures and their emotion. How does it differ from artist today? Clay Cup Studios can format a field trip to TEKS specifications in any grade level. Have a lesson plan in mind or in place? Clay Cup has several projects that can help aid you in your lesson plan. Just want your kids to have fun painting? We can do that too :)